Representative technology industries served by TLG include:
  • Computers, Software, Printers and Other Peripherals
  • Computer Design Architecture, CAD Systems and Computer Diagnostic Systems
  • Global Web Portal, Search Engine, and Content Providers
  • Networking, Lasers, Optics, Optical Networking Components
  • Communications Test and Measurement, Wireless, RF and Microwave
  • Industrial Automation
  • Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing, Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities and Process Gas Management Systems
  • Digital and Analog Semiconductors
  • ASICS, DRAM and Flash Memory Modules and Systems
  • Defense and Homeland Security Technologies
  • Toxic Gas Detection Devices and Systems
  • Telecommunications, Data Management Tools
  • Materials, Optical Coatings and Precision Fluid Metering
TLG attorneys also represent traditional businesses and individuals, as well as businesses affiliated with institutional clients, such as governmental entities, unions, banks, venture capital firms, and insurers. In the area of real estate, clients include developers, owners, syndicates, investors, lenders, builders, contractors, lessors and lessees, brokers and other real estate professionals.